More glass bottles please!


The first glass bottles I remember were the ones the milkman delivered at home.

You did not need to pay for this service. He not only sold them with milk but also with buttermilk, yoghurt, "gele vla" (custard) and "chocolade vla" (chocolate custard?).

The empty bottles were put outside with a note and he brought your order and you payed.
The last glass bottle with yoghurt and "vla" I bought was about 20 years ago.

Now you mainly see plastic.
We are surrounded by plastic. Even wine is sold in plastic, so is juice, all these soda's and nearly everything you eat.
I wish the age of plastic would stop and I could buy more in bottles.
I assume it ended because of its weight but most people have a car or bike now or their groceries are delivered at home. And even if it is not the case, if you have to carry it yourself you might think twice before you buy it. You also will think twice if you have to take care of your own heap of trash. What will you do with it?
If no one delivers all your groceries on your doorstep you you will get fitter by carrying it yourself (and who knows even appreciate it more what you eat and buy).

What you should know about plastic:

  • Out of a bottle drinks and food taste differen.
  • Not all plastic is safe to keep food in.
  • Hot food and drinks you consume out of plastic can poison you.
  • Plastic will not last forever if it comes to using it but will dropped in nature.
  • Not the plastic bags but all those plastic stuff we own (is broke within a week) and we throw away is the cause of the "plastic soup" that surrounds us.
  • Not all plastic can be used to make new plastic out of.

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