18-19 school year reflection


Being the new kid sucks. Even as a new teacher. I knew it when I chose to switch schools- but the situation at my previous school couldn’t be salvaged. I’ve worked at two different schools previously, and at both, my first years were so rough. I cried multiple times, in front of people and alone. In comparison, this year was fairly smooth. I got a good rating from my administrator, I really enjoyed my students and got to teach what I wanted, how I wanted. Being new is isolating, and there were some missteps as I learned the logistics and social strata of a new school.

Some highlights from this year
-I received a jersey from a football player, because he said I made a difference in his life. There may have been some tears involved.
-one of my girls was a potential poet. Some of my favorite quotes from her:
“If love is an open door, then mine must be shut”
“You know how in life you go into a chrysalis and you're supposed to come out a butterfly? I'm coming out of the chrysalis a moth”
-one class was a constant source of wit and inside jokes:
#fishlives matter
“I roll over because I like belly rubs”

This year affirmed some of my beliefs about teaching-
-that for some kids without the motivation, you have to jumpstart it for them. It takes a lot of effort, and it doesn’t work with all kids. But one girl told me “you didn’t give up on me” and that’s how they all should feel.
-consistency is kindness. Teachers can still give consequences and care.

A good year, overall.

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