My steem vision!


  • What brought you to Steem?

I love crypto currencies and I loved the fact that with steem I could work on it and get paid rather than mining or just Hodling.

  • What made you stay?
    the community I found here like @crypto.piotr and @fblso was great there is something for everyone and a lot of like minded people with positive thoughts about crypto and the blockchain!

  • What do you wish would change?

Account set up times seems to be a big stopping point when I try and invite friends with maybe more information and help for new people.

Sometimes the battle of the whales can be hard but this is an investment opportunity too.

  • What do you think Steem needs in terms of apps?

Steem has great apps like @Partiko but there is also lots of room for more apps especially games, emails like all the apps you find but put them on the blockchain to invent a new paid incentive to have the apps.

  • What has been your best Steem experience so far?

I have had a few great moments on steem it started when I was trying to advertise myself with with bid bots, then I used dpoll site and had a great time there thinking of lots of interesting questions and around that time I got delegation from @crypto.piotr and @fbslo where things have come to quite present where I feel like more than a minnow that I might be able to make a difference on steem I am no longer struggling with exposure quite as much. Thanks steem!

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