Steem Birthday Giveaway 🎊🎈


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Hey everyone so because it's my birthday and I just finished doing a Steem giveaway on Twitter where I gave away 100 Steem, but I'd also like to do something similar here for you all!

I'll be giving away 2 prizes of 25 Steem randomly drawn between the first 100 users to follow me, resteem this, upvote this, and then tag a friend in the comments below.

✅Follow me -> @scottcbusiness
✅Upvote this post
✅Resteem this post
✅Tag a friend in the comments below
🔥 Win free Steem

I will also give away the full reward of Steem earned from this post to one of the upvoters randomly chosen out of anyone who participates and simply upvotes with no limit on how many users participate.

Jump in and earn some free Steem to celebrate my birthday with me 🎊🎈

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