My WednesdayWalk by @tattoodjay and MakesMe Smile by @elizacheng and What today, January 15, 2020, means to me #ccc 2.31 by @freedomshift


It's a beautiful day!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Antonia and I were about to go when it rained but we still proceeded since it's their quarterly exam. On my way back, I saw this beautiful rainbow!

Despite the thick smoke that covered our volcano yesterday, we are blessed today with a beautiful and colorful rainbow.

I stopped for a while, feeling like a little girl enthralled and mesmerized while watching the rainbow.

As I went down to our village, the rainbow gradually disappeared and the sky begun to show white and blue shades, symbolizing a fine new day.

Looking at the clouds makes me smile. Today, January 15, 2020 means a new hope. I uttered a silent prayer, thanking God for another day of our lives, that our volcano ceased to show danger signs.

Thank you and have a nice day ahead my friends of Steemit!

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