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Comeon Yoshie! Don't call suddenly!

Ahahaha! your too scaredy-cat!
Did you think your father came?

No way…

Did you get "baptized" by your father again?

Shut up! Today I one hit Chichiue too!

What you hit is a "Bokutou(Wooden katana)" right?

Why does Chichiue "Bujutsu(martial arts)" train me so hard?
Is there a meaning to master Bujutsu in such a peaceful village?

I know how you feel…but…
It's inevitable that he teaches you strictly.
Because you'll be the leader of this village in the future.
Even if it is peaceful, the samurai must be strong as a leader…To gain trust from the villagers...and to protect…

A samurai with weak Bujutsu are like frogs that can't jump.
And i don't think that a bride will come to a weak samurai.
If it were me, I don't want to marry an weak samurai like you

That's my line! I hate a saucy woman like you too!

What's!? saucy!?


Anata=※a way of calling one's wife's "husband"

Gokurousama-desu=※Words of appreciation for labor.
Tea…"Douzo=※Words to recommending"

Anata…How does Yasaemon's recent training look?

Fumu…Nothing special…

"Sou(そう)…=※Words to accept"

Hahaue!=※My mother

Oh Yasaemon and Yoshie-chan

Well…I'll work a little


Yasaemon! Start training again after a meal…okay?


Alright Yoshie-chan let's eat together

Arigatou gozaimasu! ※Thank you


Am I hated by Chichiue…?


Because…always gets mad at me…and doesn't compliment me at all…
Every day, every day…Chichiue says it training to protect the village, but isn't his real intention just hating me…?
I don't…want to train anymore…

Have you ever heard why uncle is particular about Bujutsu training?

funn…I've never heard of the reason…

As I thought…Chichiue hates me…

I'm sure he's thinking something…
He doesn't put it into words…but he's thinking of you very much

So is training.
I think he is convinced that it is necessary for you…and the future of this village…

Why do you know when you haven't heard it?

Fum…I don't know

Hey Naozumi!


Comeon! I've just become a mayor but haven't played any role yet!

Hahaha…You are completely dignified

Are you serious? fumu…Maybe i should get a little more beard…
By the way, Do you still have strict Bujutsu training for Yasaemon?


If doesn't moderate training, Yasaemon will down.
I don't think need to train Bujutsu that much because it's such a peaceful village…
but…do you still care about "that thing"?
You said it before…
There is a big danger in this village in the future…right?

Yeah…If it ends with my mere misunderstanding…it is the okay...
but premonition never disappears in me…

In the past, there were many samurai in this village and other places, and they always practiced severe Bujutsu training ...
However, Tokugawa family era began and all people were able to live in peace…It ’s great,
but it ’s true that the power to resist “outside” has declined…


Yeah…Now all people think that this peace will continue without being threatened by anything…
But no matter how stable a big tree is…one of the lightning strikes it away…
What is needed is not the power to defeat the enemy…

This village has a great culture that Kappa and our ancestors have connected for hundreds of years...
We need “power to protect"…to protect weak people…to protect children’s smiles…


By the way, At the next ritual, please Yasaemon's partner

Nn? Ah, Alright It's about sumo?
Leave it to me

Scene that I was particular about

This is the end of chapter27!
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This page is what I was particular about this chapter!

In the old Japanese had the culture of "breath of aum"
It's the meaning of "communicating as if breathing"

Actually it is very difficult to explain in words…
The old Japanese had a very spiritual life, so they had a lot of culture that could not be explained in words.

"Breath of aum" means reading partner's will and deep awareness by matching breathing with partner…
It requires an absolute deep trust relationship with each other.

But it doesn't make sense just to trust.
A woman who got "breath of aum" that I know trusts a partner as if she knew the future of a partner man.

Such women don't complain to partner men and don't leave partner men in difficult situations.
And men who have such partners often have great success in the future.

Buddhist aum statue. They read each other's intentions with "Breath of aum" and protect precincts from evil with full cooperation techniques

I think women with "Breath of aum" are probably reading the deep awareness and future of their partner men…
And I think that men are also reading the future of various people by having deep insight into the future and having "Breath of aum"

Perhaps…my explanation is poor so difficult to understand "Breath of aum"😅

Anyway, I wanted to portray an old culture that read the partner's intention with "Breath of aum" instead of many words on that page!

The next chapter will be posted on August 25, nine days later!

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