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Okay, First I summarize what I know about them…
About the situation when they visited this village before…
They used to bring about 30 people before…
Most of I think that they are foreigners because they seem not to understand Japanese…Perhaps they are soldier hired with money...
But I think they are not masters of martial arts because of their atmosphere…
I think villagers can fight with them if we have weapons…
The problem is the three people who came a while ago...
The leader man is "Chen" A big man is a "liu"
And creepy man is "Cave"

As you can see, their control tower is Chen…and the latter two are at the heart of the force
They are always near Chen, So we can't win this war if we can't beat them...
And 10 days later, it is unclear how many people they bring here...
The number of people who came here last time is probably only a small part of them…
this time we must be prepared that hundreds will come here...
Besides that there is also the possibility that they will bring other strong men…

Fumu…we seem to be difficult to win by direct fight…


How many people are there in this village?

There are about 60 men who can fight...but only me can do martial arts as I said…

Can I ask you something?


You appeared in front of us wearing a Kappa costume yesterday…
Did you have any plans after that?

No…It's a shameful story but If we can't get rid of them in that places we were going to get the villagers to flee the village soon…
That place is the entrance of the village, so if we fight there we should be able to earn enough time for the villagers to flee…
But they avoided the entrance and came through the woods into this village…
Perhaps they will come here again, encircling this village...

Is it completely surrounded by the forest except the entrance of the village?

Yeah, The road is not maintained and the scaffolding and visibility are bad

Fumu Fumu…Okay…
It means that…this village is not completely visible from the outside

Do you have any thoughts?

…Yeah…It's still an incomplete idea but…
Why not set up a big surprise that is possible only from this village?


Are you sure?

Sure! It seems that foreigners came to the Mayor's house a while ago!

They are again…
Will we be chased away from village?

No way!
Next time they come, I'll kick ass of them!
I am learning martial arts from Yasa-san, so I am very strong!

Yeah! That's true! "Oni-chan=※Nickname of older brother" are so strong!


Look! Concentrate my mind like this…


Hey boys! Come here and help we are move the log!

Does it start something?

Yeah! It is a plan for beat foreigners!

I see…
That's interesting…


If we can't beat them by force…we will only win in our field of expertise!
This strategy is something that only people in this village can do...
If that works...We can defeat most of them with that!

Alright…Let's do it!


…such a strategy, okay?

Alright! So our role is to make a trap around the village, right?

I will tell you where to put the trap…
Let's start right now!

Wow…It's a pretty bold strategy…

Yeah, Normally this strategy will not be completed in 10 days...But it is a possible strategy because we are used to working on the river...
They should not be able to predict our strategy at all…If our work is successful, the strategy will be successful.
…you can do it?

Not whether we can do it, we have to do it!

Alright Shed them in the river in this village…
Let's start the "strategy of Kappa wave"

About Japanese culture that appeared in this Chapter

  • Children's hairstyle

I think that there are many unique hairstyles of old period people and natives.
Japan had a lot of unique hairstyles as well.

I think that the hairstyle was also a fashion in the past as the fashion is always changing nowadays.

But one of the reasons for the hairstyle I know is to open the "third eye" on the forehead.
In old Japan and China, "sense" was very important. It may be like the "sixth sense".

(Japanese hairstyle "Chonmage)

(Japanese children)↓

(And old period of China. It is movie picture↓)

Japan still has more than 80,000 shrines, but it should have been more in the past.
Because they were always living with God and "spirit", they would have decided various things centering on such thought.

I am not familiar yet with any other reason,
I think I will post about it if I have the opportunity.

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