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Kukkukku…I see…
Is that your answer...So Let me say my answer is…
I will kill all of you…!!
I will never never miss even one people…!
Start the war in 10 days…I will dye this place with you blood!
Pray the Kappa's ass in the hope of your safety at best until that day…!!

Comeon! you guys…
I see…your child…Get ready…
The population of this village…will be zero after 10 days…kkukkukku…

I am sorry…everyone…

I have a duty to protect everyone…but eventually I decided to choose war...
I'm really sorry to get everyone involved…

You don't have to apologize! You have only stated our feelings!
That's right! We will also choose a fight if we leave this village!

Me too!

Kawahime…Don't do the same thing a while ago

Yeah, It makes everyone a dangerous situation…


No,You've done! If you didn't do it, I was hit him instead!
By the way about him...The people who came yesterday were Samurai

Yeah…Takeuchi-dono…Is it really okay to ask you for cooperation?

Of course…Samurai has no second word(The meaning of "Don't change what I said once")

I also cooperate!
I can't just keep silent and look at it!

Are you sure? You don't have to agree with me…It comes with the danger of life…

I told you before?
I don't want to be indifferent anymore!
This is a problem for all we are!

Takeuchi-dono Ichibei-dono…
"Katajikenai=※The old word which combined the Thanks+modest+apologize"

I'm sorry for getting involved with you...
but I'm really encouraging…
Please lend us your strength

We will do our best to meet your expectations…Let's prepare a plan immediately

Shit…That kid…!!
Hey! Is there no blood?


Kku…! Hey you! Why didn't you stop that kid!?

That kid suddenly came down from the ceiling...If kid had been doing suspicious movement before that, I was stopping that kid but I did not find…

…Demmit…! That brat…I will kill all the villagers "six days" later…!!

…Do you attack them suddenly "again"…?

Yeah sure!
Japanese people are just "stupid honest people"! They believe in anything we say!
If we attack before they are ready the work can be easily accomplished, right?
You should just throw away that "fair spirit"!

Ah…That's plan…

I like that…
Because the eyes of fear double…

Oh! your an understanding man!
The easiest solution is talk…because I could take away without spending money and not polluting that place…
But to enjoy it is best to rule with fear and violence!
I will never miss anyone from that village...even women and children…!
Japanese people are only "stupid pacifists" who can not make a plan for a fight...
Six days after we finish other work and soldiers gather…
At that time I smash them all at once and get the water source easily!

Hey Was there anything wrong?

There is no problem. And this is a letter for you

Oh! Mr. Gleeson!
Is it a letter to give us another horse?
Movement by horse is prohibited in Japan, but the Japanese political is broken under the influence of NMG…
…You guys…
Do you know the location of the Kappa village shrine?

I don't know

You guys…We are lucky!
Let's find out the location of their Kappa shrine…!

Did you enjoy the Chapter22?

I am very focused on the manga story now…
Because of that I am reducing my smartphone time.

That's just my thinking, the time on the smartphone takes away "my imagination"
When I am looking at a smartphone, there is no rich creativity in my head.

The main digital devices in my childhood were TVs and games.
But I was playing a lot in nature.
In nature, I liked to follow insects and reptiles and play in the river.
There are various imaginations working in my head because everything is real.

There were no smartphones or games when I was waiting for something, so I was imagining various things in my head.

People can only think about something if they do nothing.
However, modern people are always doing something with smartphones and SNS, so we have less time to focus on our head and mind.

Of course how you spend your time, it is your freedom.
So I am not going to deny everything of the modern value and the network.

But when I was a kid I was always enjoyed to imagine something in my head.
And with that imagination I really enjoyed drawing manga when I was a kid.

But now I have very little time to think about manga in my daily life and I can only concentrate on manga when I draw manga…
Therefore, I use my imagination only for a short time drawing a manga.
But that little time is not enough to draw a good story.

I would like to have more time to think about manga as always as my childhood.
So I adjust time more about smartphones and other things.

I will concentrate more on my imagination to draw better manga!

If you are interested please follow me manga in the future!

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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