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Hakkeyoi…(はっけよーい)=※Sumo version "Ready?"

Takeuchi-san…Show me…your power!!

Takeuchi-dono…How do you move!?

Don't move…!?

No way…!? Are you going to stop and respond to my full attack!?
Even though I'm not familiar with martial arts…isn't your response arrogant…!?
Then…I will beat you with all my strength!

Not move…at all…!!
I feel like…I'm hugging a huge tree…!!

Kichigoro is not good at martial arts…
But he is loaded with some basic training as a village defender…
It is usually impossible to respond Kichigoro full power attack without moving the spot at all...
That power of Takeuchi-dono...It is...

It is Tanden(丹田).
You also know Tanden? Located at the center of humans…A source of power to support the mind and trunk…
One of the strengths of the samurai is determined by its Tanden...
Manipulate breathing...
And if all "Ki(氣)=energy" is concentrated on Tanden...

By doing so…the samurai can create own unwavering.
Do you want to continue the sumo?

...This strength...amazing…My premonition was not wrong…!
"Mairimashita(参りました)=※I give up"

After all…he is a great samurai…!


Stand said that your not good at martial arts...
So It is natural that you want to use the power of those with battle experience…But what matters in battle is not just the battle experience...
Body is the so-called vessel for mediating the soul and spirit…
And it is "Tanden" that supports those centers...
A battle is a collision of each other's spirit and mind…And unwavering soul is born by Tanden...
It is not a bad thing to borrow the power of others...but if you have the feeling that you have "no force in yourself" then at that point you will be ruled by fear and lose in the fight of soul...

Listen…The enemy is not the one in front...
No, There is no one in the world who can truly call "enemy"...
There is only "a battle with oneself" that is there…
Constantly confronting yourself and hone your soul...
Because only those with stronger soul can protect those who want to protect...
Don't forget it ...

Yes…"Arigatou gozaimasu…=※Thank you" Takeuchi-san

Takeuchi-dono, Kichigoro Thank you.
I think Kappa was also satisfied with the good sumo...

Anyway, Let's go back to the village and…


Chotaro! What happened!?

Please come right now!!
Foreigners have appeared in the mayor's house!


Well Well…


No worries…You're all right…

It's all right…We are not scary people

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About Japanese culture that appeared in this Chapter

  • Tanden(丹田)

Tanden means "a place where energy(氣) gathers" in Japanese.

Old Japan (Especially my manga of era) , the existence of Tanden was recognized as a matter of course.

Tanden is considered to be one of the most important places to keep a person's body and mind normal, and in fact Samurai and oriental martial artists train Tanden to strong the trunk.
Furthermore, Tanden has been said that it is a place that controls "confidence" as a mental impact.

In modern research, there are many nerves the point of Tanden, which is said to be "the second brain"
So Tanden actually has a very good physical and mental effect if trained.

However, there is also a way to weaken Tanden. That is the "slave's sitting"

Many foreigners visited Japan 150 years ago…In the documents of foreigners at that time, there are many records of surprise to the physical strength of the Japanese.
For example, a farmer woman could carry 300 kg of rice in this way

The source of that power is Tanden.

However, if do "slave sitting", this Tanden will be weakened and body and spirit will be weakened.
Since Japan lost the war, this "slave sitting" has become a duty at schools.

Since the source of Japanese strength was Tanden, a policy to weaken Tanden was introduced.

This is the current way of sitting in Japan

And this is a picture of an old slave and a mural of an ancient slave

There is also a picture of a real slave, but it is a bit "disastrous" so I will not post it.

Thus, slave sitting weakens people's Tanden and trunk and loses their self-esteem mentally.

If people are doing this sitting in your country it is better to quit.
Conversely, if you train Tanden, you will become stronger in physical and mental.

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