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Ojamashimasu=※Greetings when entering a man's house or a sacred place

Ah! Is this a "Dohyou"?=※Sumo ring

Sure, That is the place where children perform ceremonies of Kappa sumo

And this is Kappa's Yashiro(※shrine)
From left…Kojiro, Kesabou, Kajibou.
And in the central shrine, Kajibou's arm and samurai Katana, which became the beginning of the legend are stored ...

Hee~…Kappa's arm…

Actually, the samurai who cut the arm of Kappa is the name that says Kusakabe Naozumi…
He is my distant ancestor

Wow!? Really!?

And so is Kichigoro…He and I are cousins.
Kichigoro and the mayor are human beings of the main family

Wow…I see

So we have a duty to protect this village…a village built by our ancestors and Kappas...For us, this village itself is a family.
Don't give to foreigners...Never…!!
Well…let's go back to the village first of all because the worship is over


please wait…
Takeuchi-san…Can you do a sumo with me here?


I want to see your power...And if possible…I want you to help we drive the foreigners away…

Kichigoro! What are you say…

I also heard their story…
He won against NMG…I felt a "Something special" from him when I first saw him…Not only strong…I felt a special energy from him that carries a mission…

The reason why Yasa-san accepted them in the village...not just because they were in trouble, right?
He has "something special" should have felt so…
…In the current situation where the village might die ... I think it is a miracle that a strong man like him came to the village.
So if he wins sumo at this place, Kappa will accept him...
Rather…I think that Kappa had led him to this village.
Takeuchi-san...Please do a sumo with me.
Of course I will fight with all my strength.
If I win, it means that I had misunderstood your power…
But if your power is as his story...please lend us your power…!


I will sumo with you



Let's decide about your request after sumo is over…

"Mochiron desu=※of course"
Thank you for accepting the rude request…

Then…according to the rules...Kichigoro wear Kappa's mask and carapace, And Takeuchi-dono please wear carapace

It is a salt to purification for the place

Thank you

Thank you

Originally…We would not let sumo in this sacred place to those who came yesterday.
Besides, such a sudden proposal is rude to Takeuchi-dono…
But as Kichigoro says…It is fateful that a strong man like him came to the village at this timing…
It seems like Kappa is leading him…
And certainly I also thought…He has "something special"…Something that is not only power…
Anyway, how strong is he who defeated NMG...I can't say that I am not interested in it as a samurai…
I'm sorry, but I also want to see your strength…


…If you get their request…you have to wait until foreigners come in...
But when I was robbed of my fiance I was also robbed of my hometown...I can not ignore their feelings…
But you are my life saver...So I respect your decisions no matter what...but…I hope you will h...

Well then…"Hakkeyoi…(はっけよーい)=※Sumo version "Ready?"

Show me…your power!!

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About Japanese culture that appeared in this Chapter

  • Sumo

I think you know the name of sumo.
Perhaps you think that sumo is Japanese sports, but in fact it is a little different.

Originally, sumo was an event dedicated to God and an event to calm the evil of the ground.
Japan is a country with many earthquakes especially in the world, so it was scolding the evil of the ground by doing sumo "shiko(Move feet up and step on the ground)"

Sumo is generally considered to have a history of more than 1500 years, but I think that the facts are slightly different…
Because the word "sumo" is not based on Japanese but from the ancient Hebrew word "Shemo".

Actually, there are many common points between Japanese and ancient Israelis, and the sumo is also common with the culture of ancient Israel…

For example, the signal "Hakkeyoi-Nokkota" of the signal to start a sumo will be "It is sacred to overcome-no problem" when translated into Hebrew.
The use of salt to cleanse the place also seems to be consistent with the ancient Israeli customs.

Of course this is just a part of the evidence, so there are many other evidence…
However, in Japan, there is press repression on this story, so schools and the media do not teach at all.
Therefore, ordinary Japanese think this story only as "just a rumor"…

Anyway Sumo is an event for God, so it is different from general sports.
If you are interested please take a look at the Sumo Fight on YouTube

By the way this game is Takanohana's most famous Japanese sumo fighter game.
He once talked about the relationship between sumo and ancient Israel on television to tell the truth, but he was told "He's crazy"
In Japan, that topic is banned that much…

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