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Today's cucumber is also beautiful!
Thank you Yasaemon


Have you eaten this cucumber already?

Yeah, I got it from a farmer a while ago

how was it? The cucumber here is wonderful

Sure, It was very delicious

Cucumber and sumo...and with the water source nearby…It is a perfect place to live with the culture of Kappa.
The image of Kappa has changed

Very well…Of course I also love living here and Kappa…But maybe we can not live in this village…

The farmer's person I met earlier also said the same thing…if your no problem…Can you tell me?

Sorry, Although It is not a very pleasant story…
We were on the alert as you saw yesterday…

That is certain group of foreigners


Yeah, They are people who came from China and Korea...
They said to us "This land with such water source will be money, Give us this land"
Apparently they seem to be driving villagers around the land likely to be money…

Wait, Land will be money…?
What does that mean?

From now on everything seems to be money ... land and water…even living thing.
Because according to their story, this country is expected to introduce the concepts of "economy" and "capitalism" from now on...

What's…!? Buy the land and water of nature with money...? I have never heard such a crazy story…

At first I also could not believe the story, but they seriously threatened us…
Apparently there is a government called "NMG" behind them…
...So It seems that they use some Chinese and Koreans who agreed with them

NMG(New Meiji government)…They are the cause again

To be precise, it seems that the British who manipulate the NMG brought those concepts…
They seem to have found and partnered with malicious foreigners for the benefit of each other

They said, "We will come again next summer, so you guys should leave the village by then"...
So we were trying to scare them back in kappa clothes.
Because only Yasaemon can use a decent martial arts…
Others are not just samurai who just hold the weapon

My son's Kichigoro is learning martial arts a little, but I was teaching him study more than martial arts...Because I thought martial arts was unnecessary in a peaceful world.
They seem to have gathered the warriors in the main...because it was gathered to invade Japan, so it is natural.
I tried to ask other villages for help, but nowadays confusion is happening everywhere and there are not enough people anywhere…
Unfortunately…if become a war…impossible for us to win…
Oh I'm sorry for talking depressing things

No worries Because I said that I wanted to hear the story…

Anyway…we can only pray to Kappa like nothing happens…
By the way, are you traveling for something with a purpose?
May I hear about you if you are OK?


We were traveling looking for a certain Katana.
And I learned that a man named Kaneyama an NMG, owns the Katana…Then I was looking for a Hikyaku named Toshihiro who knew Kaneyama's information.
Have you ever heard about Kaneyama or Toshihiro?

Kaneyama or Toshihiro…Sorry but I have not heard…Has Yasaemon heard anything about them?

…No…As for the British story I only heard Chinese and Korean were talking about, so I don't know anything else…
However I don't know if it is useful information but…
It is said that the guys named NMG have defeated the village samurai recently and burnt the whole village...
I know that samurai but I think it's considerable strength to defeated him…
I don't know guys names…but it's a group of four that defeated the samurai, and leader man seems to have a scar on his right cheek…

A man with a scar on the right cheek and a foursome…?
AAAAA! It is a man named Yoshida!

Do you know that man?

Yeah! I know! I was attacked by that man…
I am not a samurai but I felt that guys was strong…
But this Takeuchi-san beat Yoshida and the four! And with overwhelming strength!

Wow…Are you serious…!?

Really…!? That is Amazing…! You are a fairly strong samurai…!

That's not true…I just happened to be lucky…

My premonition was not wrong…
Surely he will…

Oh, May I ask you one thing? If a strong samurai like you visits Kappa, surely Kappa will gain power!
Can you go to visit the god of the village kappa?

I am still unskilled, so I am not eligible to receive such a great role

However, because I received such a welcome, I also want to thank the god of Kappa…Please let me go

All right! Yasaemon, Could you take this cucumber and guide them to God?


May I go together with you?


I also wanted to go to worship with Kappa, so I would like to go with you if you are no problems

All right! Let's go together!

Thank you so much

Hey Babys! playing while waiting with me! comeon!

Waaa~i! Mayor~!


Don't worry Kawahime…
I just want to talk to Takeuchi-san a little...I will not do rough things.
Wait here with my father


Well, Come with me
Kappa's "Yashiro(Shrine)" is upstream of this river

All right! Let's go!

By the way, what kind of Kappa legend is in this village? Kappa has various legends and names in various places, right?

Suiko, karbako, Dochirobe,
Medochi…they have various names.
In our village, the legend began with three Kappas and one man

Once upon a time, there were three kappas who had been mischief around here ...
Their name is Kojirou, Kesabou, Kajibou…
They did not take away the life of people, but they seem to have been doing pranks by pulling out the souls of people.
Villagers were troubled, and asked a certain samurai to finish Kappa

And that samurai fights with the kappas and cuts one kappa's arm.
Then Kappas vowed not to prank anymore and apologized...Samurai and villagers forgave them…
And while talking with Kappas, the samurai learned that they were pure like children and not malicious.
They just wanted to play with humans ...
The samurai were gradually attracted to them, and Kappas also deepened friendship with samurai.
And the samurai give a residence near a beautiful waterfall so that the kappas could live in peace.
Kappas have taught people how to make medicines as a token of gratitude and came to protect people from water disasters.
Someday…they became like gods…

And it is this Igusa-village that was built around the three Kappas and that samurai…

He~…Interesting…I thought Kappa was just a scary being…but they were saving people…

Certainly they are sometimes horrible ...
But if we understand each other they become gods and friends…
Here is the residence near the waterfall that samurai gave to the Kappas...
And there is a Kappa's Yashiro(shrine) behind the three rocks there

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About Japanese culture that appeared in this Chapter

  • Land of the Edo Period(Jingi of era)

Japan's agricultural land reform has been carried out after the country opened, but it was completely different. The reason is that in Japan, the problem of farmland ownership is solved in a completely different way from Europe, Russia, and China.

The landowners of the isolation period were the Shogunate(Edo period king) , and the daimyos only managed the land entrusted by the general but did not own them.
The samurai also owned at most a small amount of land for their home.

Farmers are not owners of farmland, and farmland inherited and inherited from their ancestors can not be sold, and it is only permitted temporary lending and leasing within the village society.

The farmland that could be used for agriculture was all owned by the village. Whether the land was an inheritance or a lease, they were only entrusted in the form of usage rights. In the Edo period records, there are a number of orders that the Daimyo or the Shogunate forbade the strong farmer to obtain the right to use most of the farmland of the village in a lease contract.

Since farmland was the food base of the whole nation, the survival of the whole population depended on the permanent and maximum utilization of the farmland.

The Shogunate was concerned that if the landowner's private ownership changed, it would lead to food supply instability.

Therefore, the Shogunate made ownership of farmland not to be a target of commercial interest.

Actually there are various other great policies, but talking about it will not stop.
Anyway, in the Edo period, land could not be bought and sold for money, and that is why they loved and valued the land. Besides, they value the community so they always help each other and live,

NMG(New Meiji government) made the age of "money is God" and is still breaking Japanese culture and spirit

  • About the legend of Kappa

There are various legends of Kappa, but the most horrible of them is the legend that "they pull the soul"
However, it does not mean that it will die even if the soul is pulled out.
It seems that the person who is pulled out of the soul will become a "good for nothing person"

But on the other hand there are quite a few legends that have saved people.
In fact, there are several Kappa shrines in Japan, especially in some temples they are worshiped as gods.

I combined those real legends to make the "Kappa legend" of the Igusa-village.
Someday I would like to visit Kappa Legend's place and post it

Well, Please look forward to the next chapter!

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