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Who are the "them" you were vigilance of?

They are…

Oh Takebou, Don't must sleep in front of person…

Ahaha okay okay

Please don't never mind, I am sorry too…
I'm sorry I didn't realize that child was time to go to bed

Takebou You should not sleep here

Anyway Let's go to sleep today…
Do you have time tomorrow?

Of course You helped us this way…we are not allowed to leave without doing anything. We want to help you with something

Takeuchi-sama Ichibei-sama "※Meaning close to "Mr"
Sorry for the simple bed but please If you are okay...

"Katajikenai(かたじけない)=※The old word which combined the Thanks+modest+apologize"

Arigatou gozaimasu=※Thank you so much

Well then tomorrow…

Yeah, I really appreciate you are…

Are those visitors really not related to "them"?

…Yeah, They will have nothing to do with "them"

Why? Is there no possibility that they came to reconnaissance?

okay? Look at the person's eyes firmly when talking with person.
Whether or not the other person is malicious…It can be determined by looking at the "eye"…
Have a "right eye" that you can judge a essence of person like that someday…okay?

"Right eye" that can judge the essence of person…
I understand Chichiue...I swear to learn more

Good…Don't forget it.
Well…Let's go to bed soon…

Yeah, "Anata=※the meaning of
"husband" used by a wife"…
Thank you so much too today

Yeah, You too…

Look! My "Tako" flies so high!

No! My Tako is flying higher more!

Oh! Tako!=※Play to connect paper with thread and fly to the sky

Hi! Did you make Tako?

Yeah! It's Kappa's Tako!

Hou…Most of this village has a house on the river…And also has a water source…
I see, I can understand why Kappa faith has deepened…I have heard that they are Yokai and also water gods

Yeah, There is also a legend that Kappas actually protected the village from the water disaster

"O~i!=※Hey" You guys!

I will harvest today's "cucumber"!=※A vegetable called "Kyuri" in Japan. Harvest in summer"
Help with the harvest of it!

Yeah! I will go soon!

Oh! cucumber! It's a favorite of Kappa!
Kappa has various names but Kappa's favorite is the same in this area!

Oh! "Ohayou=※Good morning"
Yasa-san!=※Nickname of Yasaemon

Ohayou Did not the influence of rain depend on cucumber?

Yeah! No problem at all!
Nn? Who are you…?

I'm Takeuchi "Hajimemashite=※Greetings to person who meet first time"

I'm Ichibei! We are indebted to Yasaemon-san yesterday

Oh! You guys who visited this village yesterday!


…Oh, I'm sorry Yasa-san…You protected this village in such a that heavy rain…I really have to thank you more

You don't make vegetables and connect the lives of people ...And we will protect it with all our energy... we just play each other's role…We also need to thank you

…Yeah…Thank you but…
Maybe we can not live in…

You don't worry.
I said…Protect the people and the village…That's the work of samurai. Leave it to me

Ah…Thank you Yasa-san…I believe in you

By the way…This today's cucumber!
I have not yet taken the cucumber to the mayor and Kappa's shrine

Oh, okay Thank you for always Well then I will take it

Hey! You guys!
It is a welcome sign! The cucumber I made is the awesome! Eat!

Thank you!

I appreciate and eat it, Thank you

Well…I will guide you to the mayor, Come with me

"Yoroshiku!=※Greetings when asking"

more! more! Keep up! come on! Your best full power!

Well then break time~

Kichigoro-san sneaky! You avoided now!

Ahaha sorry sorry.
But both of them are getting stronger!
If this is Kappa Sumo, you can win Kappa!



Ouuh! Chichiue!

Yasa-san! "Ohayou gozaimasu!=※Good morning"
Were they still here…

Ohayou Kichigoro.
You were practicing the children's Kappa sumo wrestling, Thank you

It's alright The childrens have become very strong

Kappa sumo?

Oh! I have heard about it! Kappa likes Sumo, right?

In this village, when the child is 7 years old, we will play sumo wrestler with Kappa's costume...
Children will be recognized as a member of the village by the god of this village Kappa by win in sumo wrestling

Chichiue! I became very strong! Can I be recognized by Kappa God?

I will train more!

It is a village where the culture of various Kappas really takes root...

That's right!

Welcome to Kappa's village "Igusa-village"…
You are the people who visited this village yesterday, right?
I heard about you from the children Takeuchi-san Ichibei-san


Yasaemon Yesterday was tough, right?
Well, everyone please come by my house

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About Japanese culture that appeared in this Chapter

  • Kappa

Kappas are explained in detail in chapter14 and chapter15.
Cucumber and Sumo are often said as Kappa's favorite things.

Kappa is originally said to be a water god,
And the origin of sumo wrestling is an event for God.
So Kappa is said to love sumo wrestling.
In fact, there is a legend throughout Japan that Kappa has made a sumo with people.

There is a story that people are giving cucumbers to the god of water as to why Kappa likes cucumbers, But with regard to cucumber there is not much definitive basis.

However now in Japan, cucumber sushi is called "Kappa-maki(maki=roll)"

Furthermore, there is also a store called "Kappa Sushi" in a famous sushi chain store in Japan.
Kappa and Cucumber are definitely a major combination that is always associated

  • Tako

I will omit the talk about the origin of the Tako because it will be very long😅

It is a very popular play during the Edo period(My manga era)
Tako are framed with bamboo etc and coated with "washi"
Washi is the paper I use for my manga.
It is a unique paper with a history of over 1300 years.

Tako back to the topic, it will fly and compete for height and distance.
It was also an event to pray for health in the New Year, but it is one of the fun play for children

  • last post and a manga scene

↑I used this landscape as a background for -Jingi-!
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It is about this page of under

Japan has been such a humid country with a lot of water, and there were many such views in the past.

By the way, in the last post I posted many pictures of Sakura😄↓

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All my mangas drawn in "Washi(和紙)"
It is a traditional Japanese paper made from 1300 years ago.
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