Drugwars is refusing to refund customers for a bug in their platform. They rather scam people because they have a bad reputation anyway.


I spend 6k future tokens (worth 30 dollar) on "cocina" upgrade and i got charged but the upgrade didn't work.
I tried to do the upgrade from level 11 cocina to level 12.

I have seen many people complain lately that they did an upgrade where they paid tokens or resources for but the upgrade didn't work because of a bug in their platform. I immediately contacted them in their discord channel when i encountered the bug. 

Now they refuse to pay back any damages. Here you have proof of the discord message i received from them: 

What legit company does such things? They let people pay for something and then simply don't give you where you paid from. If it wasn't enough that the economics of the game are a ponzi scheme, now they simply just scam people. I'm wondering how long this dapp will be around, it's like they are pissing of people intentionally.