The samurai manga -Jingi- Chapter9


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Synopsis of the story so far↓

Villagers who welcome Takeuchi(Main hero) after driving off government…
Takeuchi was traveling looking for a Shirasu Jiro's Katana, but it was found by Kaneyama(Villains)…
Kaneyama probably will sell the Katana to Gleeson of a arms merchant…
A journey seeking Katana is about to begin…

About hints to read manga before

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written in (※)
  • If you do not understand how to read manga please read the sentences under the picture. It's written in the order of manga

Then please enjoy -Jingi-!

Ichibei-san… Help…

You are powerless…

That "mercy" sometimes turns into "Naive"…
Its Naive turns into a tragedy!

I remembered it after a long time…

Well then, Thanks to everyone
Thankfully for welcoming this way

Never mind! Thanks to you, we were really saved…
we should say thank you "Arigatou gozaimasu=※Thank you so much" Osamurai-san!

And this! It's a boxed lunch!
Rice balls and pickles…Although amount is small

Oh, Thankfully…Did you make it for me?

Sure…I can only do this…please take this with you

"Katajikenai(かたじけない)=※The old word which combined the Thanks+modest+apologize"

By the way, where did Ichibei go?

I have not seen him from the morning…He may have returned to his village…?

Really? Did he go home without saying anything? Oh, Rude man…

"MAaMAa(まぁまぁ)=※calm down"

Yesterday he was serious…so he might have wanted to go home early and have a break

Oh well…! I have to teach him politeness!

Anyway, You can come anytime again!
Such a Osamurai-san like you are always welcome!

Ah! Next time we will prepare a big party more!
See you!
Be careful and travel!

Thank you to everyone

Umu…It feels good wind



Haa…Haa…It was good to be in time…I have packed my luggage from midnight…!

In such a hurry…"Doushita?(どうした?)=※What's wrong?"

Are you going searching for a Katana that you said yesterday?
This Ichibei, let's accompany you on the trip of Samurai!


Because I've been traveling a lot of places quite a lot so far I've been somewhat familiar with the area and I knew about Gleeson yesterday as well
So I think that I will help you!

……Ah…But… does not it cause inconvenience to your home or family…?

I have been traveling for a long time and have been staying at the place I went, Because I am such a life I have no bride
But I have money properly! Summer is the time when insects are the most profitable!
So I will not cause your trouble! "Na?(な?)=※Okay?"

I'm sorry but…it is better to stop it
Being with me risks you…Because I often get targeted

Yeah, I know…
But I thought we should leave this place, whichever way
Because I and you are also targeted by yesterday's time may involve people in the village...I think that governments will do it…

So if we need to leave the village, can I also go with you? right?


And to fact...I have a little trouble…

Is that trouble related to the nightmare of yesterday?

Did you notice it…?

Ah, Because my work-related is sensitive to slight noise

Actually...I used to live in the Southwest…and have a fiance
But at a certain time a villainous samurai came… and kidnapped my fiance…!!

The chapter9 is over!

Please look forward to the next chapter!

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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All my mangas drawn in "Washi(和紙)"
It is a traditional Japanese paper made from 1300 years ago.
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