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Synopsis of the story so far↓

New Meiji Government who attacked the village by Takeuchi's success left the village…
And the government's Youjinbou(bodyguard samurai ver), "Isaya" appeared but he left the village without fighting Takeuchi…
The villagers welcomed Takeuchi who saved the village and decided to open a festival…

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Yo Ho Yoi


Iizo Iizo~
Good! Dance and dance
Hey Hey!Dance with all your heart for Osamurai-san

Hi Osamurai-san It's "Miso-soup(味噌汁)=※Miso is Japanese seasoning using beans"

Oh…"Katajikenai(かたじけない)=※The old word which combined the Thanks+modest+apologize "

All right!
Anyway…Even though you are the protagonist of tonight, why do not you even sit down in the chair? I bring it?

Thank you…But I am a countryer so "this" calms down…And I am satisfied enough that the villagers welcomed me so much

"Oba-chan!=※middle-aged women"
Give me a Miso-soup!

Na!? Even though I am in the middle of talking...

You should follow the humility of the Osamurai-san! wait!

Come on~! Please do it quickly! I'm hungry!

Hi Osamurai-san I sit next to you, okay?

of course "Douzo(どうぞ)=※A wishful wish to a person a word expressing a feeling of advancing"

Ah Do not mind me, you eat meal…Since it is a waste when the meal cools down

Umu…Then thankfully I will receive meal


Haha, Right? I made this miso, It fermented for 2 years

"Sayou ni…(左様に)=※"Really?" and "I see" The old words meaning combined"

Osamurai-san! Am I also sitting next to you, okay?

Ah Of course

Thank you look! I brought Iwana! Iwana=Japanese river fish

Oh, Thankfully

Hey Ichibei! Have you brought my Iwana as well?

Of course!


I appreciate such a feast
Thank you for welcoming

Never mind! Rather, we should thank you

Unless you were there, how cruel things they were doing to me…

…Is there samurai in this village?

By the way! You said that the neighboring village was burned, but maybe...

Yeah…About that story, I think that the samurai in this village probably was destroyed by today's government.
Originally there are few samurai in this area...We were supporting each other in cooperation with other villages…
The other day the samurai in this village went to the neighboring village, but one week passed and nobody came back ...
But recently I have heard a story, the village samurai got destroyed by someone and the village seems to have been burned ...

But today…I was able to know who did it

Various incidents have increased recently ... It is becoming a really dangerous world.
Rural areas have little information but
There are rumors that the government guys are doing Intrigue with foreigners…

Yeah I also heard that, recently a guy named Kaneyama sells valuable Japanese items to foreigners

Yeah, It seems to be one of the "Jikketsu" who is the upper part of the new government.
And they seem to be bringing strong samurai like guys of today to members,
they are beginning domination and purge in various places...
The samurai of the past was just as strong and gentle people as you...
Even though they lived fun with farmers like us…
Recently, those who are covered with desire came to gain status
I am worried about the future…

By the way, Where are you from? Are you being hired by the lord?

I am traveling various places now…
So I have not settled anywhere

Ee! "Sounanoka? (そうなのか?)=※Really?"

Does not a master like you belong to anywhere? Wow… So is there any errands in this village?

"Souda(そうだ)=※right "
Actually I am looking for a certain Katana.
Today, Did not you talk about Shirasu jiro's Katana before the new Meiji government came?

Ah…It seems that the first "Meitou(名刀)=※Excellent famous Katana" of Shirasu was found…

That's it I am looking for that Shirasu's Katana now

Your looking for…But it seems that the Katana has passed over to the hands of Kaneyama
Although it is unknown whether that information is true…

Kaneyama…Was any information written in something else?

No anymore…But if a Katana passed over to the hands of Kanayama it will try to sell it to a foreigner
A man named "Gleeson" seems to be a Katana collector…He is a man from a foreign arms merchant

Gleeson…Did the Katana have already passed over to the man…?

I think that it is probably still

Ichibei, Why do you think so?

I only heard that story in another village, but Gleeson seems to be now in the Nishikaidou(Southwest)
So it seems now that guy has brought a lot of weapons so may be trading at that place for a while…
So recently Kaneyama is domination the Northeast which is close to where we are(★), is not it? Today 's government guys may be Kaneyama' s subordinates…

Yeah, And that Youjinbou! (Bodyguard samurai ver)
If he is a Youjinbou of the upper government, there may be somebody who is Jikketsu in this neighborhood
Although it is unknown whether it is Kaneyama…

…I think there is a possibility
I traveled this places because Shirasu was making Katana around here.
So I think that the possibility of this around is high if the first Katana of Shirasu is found.
Maybe, Kaneyama might have domination this neighborhood to get a Katana

……But…What are you going to do with it? Kaneyama definitely will not let go of a Katana…

Umu……But I will be in trouble if that Katana crosses overseas...although I want to do something...

"Ooi!(おーい!)=※Voice when calling" Sea bream rice is completed!

At last! I'm waiting!

…Anyway, Let's have a meal for the time being


Hai! Let's all get together, please!
Today was the best day thanks to Osamurai-san!
I was saved a dangerous scene by him and the new government drove them back!
Thanks Osamurai-san! And thanks for the "Otent-san!(お天道さん)=※ God of heaven"

Hey Osamurai-san come on!
Dance! Dance!

The chapter8 is over!
Please look forward to the next chapter!

Thank you for reading!
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