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About a month has passed since the chapter6 of last month, but at last the chapter7 was completed😀

This chapter7 is like a season 1 end of the drama series, Since the next chapter will start a new season!
I am writing a script for that, and I am studying a lot of materials in the Edo period(About 1600-1870)

The Edo period was the era when Japanese culture was established, but since that time it has continued cultural collapse and reaches the present.
I am Japanese, but the Edo period is completely different from now…So I have a lot to learn about it yet.

Well, Let's begin the chapter7 of -Jingi- soon.

Synopsis of the story so far↓

The battle between Takeuchi Shinden(Hero) and Yoshida(New Meiji government) finished with Takeuchi's victory…
But, Yoshida still trying to hurt the villager…Then one man came to stop it…He is a government "Youjinbou(用心棒)=※bodyguard samurai ver"
Is he a friend or an enemy ...?

About hints to read manga before

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written in (※)
  • If you do not understand how to read manga please read the sentences under the picture. It's written in the order of manga

Then please enjoy -Jingi-!



Not allow you to go against me in this place no more…"Wakattaka?(わかったか?)=※Do you understand?"

Kku…! You…! If you disobey me…

"Dousuru?(どうする?)=※What will you do?" You can win against me? Or…will you report to "upper "?

But, I think that it is only to expose your miserable appearance by reporting to the upper...

O…Okay…Put down the "Katana(刀)=※samurai sword"

Finally you got a "good judgment"…

You guys…we will move away here once…
A…Y, Yes…

Do not forget the day of today…

I will fight again with you...Prepare for that day and wait…!

Takeuchi…This guy is probably quite strong…
Takeuchi-dono, I apologize for our rudeness…
And also the villagers…Were you injured there?

me? Y…Yeah, I'm no problem…

Fumu…very well…

Are you a member of the new Meiji government?

No, I am different…I am hired by them…but I am not a member of new Meiji government…

Well, Then ...

But whoever go against the government will become my enemy no matter who
It is my job
Even if the opponent is a samurai...even a villager…!!

But those who hired me now are not here
That means I do not have to work here…
That's all, I'm sorry but I should go back soon..."Shikkei suru(失敬する)=※
Apology words when leaving"
Farewell…You are Takeuchi(竹内)…

Shinden(真伝) You are?

I am Isaya(一叉矢) Hachitarou(八田朗)=※Last name=Isaya, First name Hachitarou

Well…Takeuchi Shinden-dono,
I hope that I will never cross Katana with you…

"Saraba da…(さらばだ)=※Farewell"

I also hope so…
I was relieved that you did not have big injuries…
I am sorry to make the matter bigger
I will also leave here…Nn?

Incredible! you are greatman! Thank you Osamurai-san!!

Thank you for defeating that dirty guys!!
I got refreshed!!
It's awesome strong Osamurai-san!
Where are you from?
You are our hero!

Oh, Yeah! Let's toast for our hero!

" Iine!(いいね)=※Good" let's do it!

Thankfully…But…I will withhold…
I have made a big matter…and I can not put any further inconvenience…

Haha! What are you saying!
There is nothing annoying!
I was really angry with their irresponsible politics, So very refreshing!
Ah! It's awesome, you!
if you return leave as it is, We will be punished!

Tonight is a party!
Now that's ready!
I will prepare a meal!
What do you want?

…Is that okay? We left this way ...

I do not like Isaya…but I can not…win…I do not want to admit it…
Besides, I such real fighting was after a long time... It seems my skills are waning more than I thought ...
…I can not let it end like this…!!
I will go to Mr. Kanayama…
To regain my former power…!!

This concludes the chapter7!

I will concentrate on new chapters and future stories for a while😃
To further make -Jingi- a wonderful manga!

Arigatou gozaimashita!

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