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About hints to read manga before

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written in (※)
  • If you do not understand how to read manga please read the sentences under the picture. It's written in the order of manga

Then please enjoy -Jingi-!

Then Ooishi-dono, thank you very much for your help

Even though I suddenly came…Thank you for the meal and your welcome!

Yeah! Come back again!! Be careful traveling!

And Takeuchi.
You will definitely be able to choose the "right path"…I believe in you...the pride and soul of your samurai

Yeah…"Katajikenai(かたじけない)=※The old word which combined the Thanks+modest+apologize"

Well…Because there is a curfew on the "Sekisho(Old checkpoint)" we must go there early


By the way, How many members in NMG have come here…
Although I think they still haven't come to the east so much…
I hope they're not doing bad things around here again…

Don't go against us, poor!!

Are you okay!?

Hhe!! Who do you think we are…? I am New Meiji government (NMG) of the world!
If you don't want to get terrible…Give us money early!
Hey hurry up!

Hey You guys…
This is all the property of the village...
Please take this and go somewhere early…
Do not harm villagers any more

Dammit…Is this all? It's a suck village.
It can't be helped in such a mountainous village…I will receive it for the time being.
We may come back to this village again...You should also prepare the next money!

Woo hoo! I got so much "Koban(Old Japanese money)"!

The strategy to use their names is a great success!

Thanks to NMG…I can easily get money because everyone is scared for them...

…What's? Foreigner? It is the first time I see foreigners…

I also saw for the first time…Wow…Very big…

It is only big.
Don't become a chicken.
Hey you! What are you looking at!
We are NMG of the world! Do you want to be killed!?

…What's? He went somewhere… Did it run away?

It seems that he understood that we are scary

Hahaha…look! All foreigners are just stupid…

It is "Shingai(心外)=※Offended"
We are the same human beings…right?
Don't say such a lonely thing

What's!? Is it foreigner again!?

Also big!

Fuu…He seems to be following the bird again.
Hey! Don't go too far!

Apparently the criminal is like you guys…
The "Bad monkeys" who attacked the Nearby village

Comeon…You have a sharp mouth

Is it foreigner again…!? What are you guys?

Answer the questions ... You guys the one who attacked a nearby village?

…Yeah That's right…
If so, what are you going to do?

…Foo! As expected…
So you guys definitely a member of NMG, right? I heard from the villagers

Yeah Absolutely…We are NMG of the world!
If so, you have heard of our rumors!
You will get burned if you get more than that closer to us!

Is it okay to get close at this level?


!!? Wha…

Oh, Is it already down?
Well…I have questions at you who are NMG...
About Hikyaku…His named Toshihiro

Chapter13 is over!

About Japanese culture that appeared in this Chapter

  • Sekisho(関所)=※Old checkpoint

Sekisho is a checkpoint located in the Edo period(1603-1867)
The role is almost the same as airport customs and checkpoints.
Japan during the Edo period was made up of several countries (or states).
Because at that time Japan had various cultures in Japan, So not one "Japan country" So needed a place like an airport.
Japan became one "Japan country" 150 years ago and Sekisho were abolished by the New Meiji government(NMG)

  • Koban(小判)

There were 3 main types of money in the Edo period.
Koban is the most valuable money among them.
All the Koban were made from gold and everything was handmade.
A little before 1900, the "Japanese yen" was made and the Koban gradually declined.

  • About foreign samurai

I will write about this story little by little on another occasion.
In the old description, there were also foreigners who had been active as samurai since 1500.
I would like to draw manga about their history

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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All my mangas drawn in "Washi(和紙)"
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