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Certainly the Hikyaku may know something…
So his name is?

His name is Hiruma(比留間) Ryouhachi(隴八) but when Hikyaku, He calls himself "Toshihiro(利衆)"
So I think you should look for that name

But…How much will he know about NMG, even if he is a key person's Hikyaku…?
Isn't it likely that NMG will also hire its own dedicated Hikyaku?

I think maybe it's okay for that

Toshihiro is in charge of Mito delivery,
There are people in Satsuma and Tosa in NMG, right? They should have had an interaction with Mito from a long time ago.
If their relationship has not changed now, Maybe he should have some information

Oh!! If so, he is likely to know something!

Yeah! Maybe!
Then Takeuchi The rest is up to your choice.
Is it to rob the Katana...or somehow to negotiate...
It would be good to hear and think from Toshihiro

Yeah…"Katajikenai(かたじけない)=※The old word which combined the Thanks+modest+apologize"

Good…So let's have dinner soon! You guys are getting hungry? It is that there is Ichibei of the first visitor, and I prepare a good dinner today!

Wow! Really!? "Arigatou!=※Thank you" Ooishi-san!

Takeuchi! You're getting a lot hungry, right? I also have sake!

Oh, Then I'm glad if I can get sake a bit

"Ohayou!(おはよう)=※Good morning" It is morning! comeon wake up! Ichibei~? …Hello~?
Ahahaha! It is return of yesterday's present

…Yeah…This is the end of the present exchange…

Well, I'm going to greet "Ujigami-sama(氏神様)=※God protecting the land and people in which the person lives"
Follow me!

…By the way, Where is Osamurai-san?

Ah, He just finished worshiping Ujigami-sama...Then went to "Meisou(瞑想)=※meditation"

Shinden…Listen carefully…
From now on, terrible things will happen in this Japan and world…Heaven and earth is ruined and people are hurt...And we will also make many mistakes…
That's why Never forget this.
Love others, Protect the Weak sides…And do the right thing.
That is the spirit of Bushi(samurai)


Osamurai-san! Just at the right time!
I'm looking for our route now!

Oh, Really? I am sorry for being late

Okay Okay, Never mind! So I consulted with Ooishi-san…So we found a good route!

This! Mito-road!※One of several great roads in the Edo period(More than 150 years old from now)

Ah! That big road

As I said yesterday, Toshihiro is in charge of delivery in the Mito

Because deliveries should be take over to others Hikyaku in Edo...
You should be able to find him if you go through this Mito road connecting Edo and Mito

So how about looking at his footsteps from the center of Mito road? It's just around Kasumigaura-lake…
About four or five days from where we are...

Yeah You guys will probably arrive in three days from this place

What does Osamurai-san think?

Umu…I agree with your opinion.
First we go to the center and then ask if he went north or south...
If he is close from there, we may be able to find him in about seven days to eight days

So if you decide to go to the center of Mito road, you should go to the "Gozu-tennousha"!
He is a devout man...he seems to often go to various temples and shrines, but I think that one of the places he often went to was a Gozu-tennousha near Kasumigaura-lake!

Really!? So the shrine guardian may know about him…

Yeah, I think the possibility is great

Good…So…I got it!

Shrine where "Gion-Daimyoujin(祇園大明神) lives… "※The origin is a god that repels foreign epidemic"
At first let's aim here!

Chapter12 is over!

Actually my grandfather died yesterday.
My grandfather was several years unwell So I was not so surprised or sad.

Besides that I know that death is not the end, In Japan it was thought that the ancestors who died from old days would be the god who protects their offspring.

I have been talking about my father at the steemit several times…
My father was always negative about what I wanted to be a manga artist and about drawing pictures.
But my grandfather was always happy when I drew.

I think my grandfather is delighted with my art activities now in heaven.
I thank my grandfather for giving me a lot of love.
Arigatou Ojii-chan(grandfather)

And Thank you for reading,
Arigatou gozaimashita😊

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