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About hints to read manga before

  • Read manga from the right
  • Red word are Japanese. The meaning is written in (※)
  • If you do not understand how to read manga please read the sentences under the picture. It's written in the order of manga

Then please enjoy -Jingi-!

EDO period (About 1860)
A certain ship

Mr. Kaneyama
It is an example Katana


Mr. Gleeson

You have a message from Kaneyama

I was waiting…!!

"Sā-Sā(さぁさぁ)=※Words to welcome and invite people" step and right up!
It's an insect~! bell cricket!
Sā-Sā Come one! Come all!
It's a beautiful sounds! insect only for the current season!

bell cricket!

Beautiful ladies there! Do you want buy it?

Oh! Ichibei!=(Ichibei=his name) You came again!

Oh! long time no see!

Good, Your full of energy today!

Sure! Now that bell cricket are freshly!

How about? Do you buy one case?

Again? I bought a different insect before…

But, unfortunately I think everyone is not interested in insects There is nervous about the news over there

Really? The "Katana" in example seemed to be found…

Shitsurei~(失礼)=※excuse me

Hou…Was a rare "Katana" found?

It is more than it being unusual,
this is the Shirasu Jiro's "Meitou(名刀)=※Excellent famous Katana"

Shirasu famous for making Katana?

Ah…Moreover, the legendary Katana that Shirasu first made,
The place was unknown for a long time ...

Shirasu Jiro…?

Really? So it was good found
No, it may not be said that it was good…
Probably Kaneyama found a Katana…

Kaneyama! That guy of the new government? That guy's story is all bad story…

Recently, finding various Katana…that guy?

Moreover, it seems that guy sell it to foreigners a lot

New government's guys sell Japanese treasure one after another to foreigners...

Maybe this Katana…!

Not only that! Nature and fields are messed up by their urban development!

Yeah! They say they are Restoration, but only destruction work and dirty money making! I can not forgive them!

Hey! we should raise more voices!
If we stay like this our life will be painful…Complain to politicians!

Hou…It's a audacious
Trying to strike the new government...
But I do not think that it is wise judgment…

"Yabai(ヤバい)=※Dangerous"…They are the new government's guys…!
Aa…well…I got on a little bit cocky...
Of course I do not feel like doing that…

What's wrong? You do not have the momentum of the moment ago, Mr. Rebel…
Recently I heard that the number of rebellious people is increasing, I came to this place and it was right decision

No No! I'm not Rebel! I am…look! "Mushiya!(虫屋)=※A parson who sells insects"
Just selling this bell cricket!

bell cricket… I see, Is your job a Mushiya?

"Soudesu!(そうです)=Yeah" how is it? Do you get one case?


Well, I have to introduce my job as well…

O…Oi(おい)=Hey! Are you ok!?




listen…A revolution is about to take place right now…We will not forgive the disturbing person
No matter what little bug…

That's terrible!

Remember you
Every noisy bugs will never… escape!!!

…who the hell are you?

First Chapter is over

Next Chapter2

Who the hell are you?
You…What is that eyes…!
This guy…Don't move…!
Kukkukku…rebellious people and a samurai…We came to this town and were a correct answer…
You guys, Play with this Mr.samurai


You guys 3 intend to fighting!?
That's unfair!!
Fight fair and square!!

Noisy guys…After the samurai's play is over…next play with you…wait as it is

Dammit! I have to help him!

wait! They are not opponents we can resist!
The other day, I heard that a samurai of a certain village was torn down…And it seems that the whole village was baked…
Probably they are doing…Perhaps they are masters hired during the rise up of a new government…
I am sorry but...We are helpless…


Apparently, your countryman?
it seems you did not know we were new government…
I will admit that justice but ignorance is empty…
what will you do? You can escape if you want to run away…
But Instead…
Villagers are sacrificed

"Damare(黙れ)=※Shut up"


The word of the soul's rotten person is poison…I do not feel like listening to your Idiotic speech any more
Apologize to the villagers, And Go away!

That guy's eyes…and foot forces…
Maybe…This guy's different from ordinary person…!?

finally you talked…Apologize!?
You seem to be like a "Hanshu(藩主)=※Village leader" of the past!
Do you still play a samurai of justice?
Apparently I have to let you understand…The days of old samurai like you are over
From now on, our new government will change this country
So Age changes…
in the name of New Meiji government!!

What's is now?

That "Waza(技)=※technique"…perhaps…!?




What's happening?


He is very strong!!
Yes! Keep it!!

Kku…!! Noisy Villagers…!!
What are you guys doing!?
Lend a hand!!

Ah…! Sorry
This samurai seems to be much more skilled than I thought…
Can you win the 2 of us?


Do you still do it?

A…!! Watch out!

Next is my turn!!

Chapter2 is over

Next Chapter3!

I am sorry…Now we also…

Try not to move anymore,
I will fight alone

What's!? "Demo(でも)=※However"

Do not let me say over and over!
You guys out of hand.
And…I have a personal fate to this guy.
Your "Waza(技)=※technique" showed me…
They are also receiving gifted education in foreign countries from early childhood…So to be honest I am surprised by your skills…However…

I am different level from them…!!

"Oi(おい)=※Hey" Is he okay?
Ah…Unfortunately, We are three mans fighting, but this situation…

Keep looking silently.

Since you guys just entered this unit…So will not know his strength.
We can not win against him…even if 3 of us fight at the same time.
Understand? So Keep looking silently…

Good…! To Avoiding my "Hitofuri(一振り)=※1 swing. in this case the meaning of attack"
But…My Attacks are still going on!!!

What's wrong!?
Only running away will not win!!

Good "Waza(技)=※technique"

That technique you are using from a while ago…
Is that Ueshiba "Ryu(流)?=※style"

Ffuffuffu…I know.
It's a nostalgic style…But for me it's not a good memory

…Do you know him?

Yeah, I told you a while ago…This is the "fate"
My father lost to Ueshiba…And lost both "Chii(地位)=※status" and "Meiyo(名誉)=※honor"

Chapter1 2 3 is over!

About Japanese culture that appeared in this Chapters

  • EDO period

It is one of the most wonderful times in Japan that lasted from 1603 to 1867.
It was a time when the Japanese culture was established and the ecosystem that integrates with nature and people's lives were very rich

It is the Tokugawa family line that made this wonderful period.
In Japan, there were a lot of civil wars, but about 260 years of the Edo period that Tokugawa made was a peaceful era without war.

However, there were malicious Foreigner, and selfish Japanese who became the New Meiji government and defeated Tokugawa.
Japan's culture and spirit are still now collapsing…

  • Samurai

Samurai was originally a nobleman professional.
However about a thousand years ago…the days when nobles take power came to an end, and Samurai gradually came to take power in Japan.
It is easy for nobles to take power, Because they gain power by "blood lines"
But it is not easy for samurai to take power, Because at first they are "common people"
The Samurai began to live with a sincere, honest, courtesy and tolerant mind and "the norms of the common people" to become leaders.

If their live like a noble(rich), their can not gain the trust of people.
So because the Samurai lived sparingly and honestly, Japanese people began to respect and model the Samurais' way of life.
The reason why the Japanese cherish sense of responsibility and courtesy and honesty was the influence of these Samurai.

I will introduce you little by little, as there is still more talk about samurais!

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