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First of all, we want to thank for all the input from our members on our post with the proposal to change the Tier system to a Multiplier system. We took all your concerns and advice to heart and thought about ways to improve the upvote rules the best we can.

The new system was rolled out yesterday. There might be some minor issues while we apply the final touches so please be patient while we get it up and running. Below we will highlight the major changes and give some examples.

There will also be some updates regarding the way we send out upvotes and the latest blocked tags.

Goodbye Tiers, Hello Multipliers.


From now on all members who delegate to @qurator will get an upvote worth 10 times (Mx10) more than the SP that you delegate.

Example: Delegate 100SP and get an upvote worth 1000SP.

Note: Members who previously delegated more than 5 000SP will start with a multiplier of 12 (Mx12) Thank you for all your support. New members will start at Mx10 but will later have the opportunity to increase their Multiplier.

This means you are no longer limited to a set amount of SP like 100, 200, 300 etc. Delegate what you can afford and enjoy the rewards while helping out the Qurator Community. There will, of course, be a max delegation that we can support. Qurator currently has around 150 000 SP so the max delegation we can support will be around 15 000SP.

Delegation links:


After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your Steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate. If you want to delegate any other amount, feel free to contact us for assistance.
Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account!


We are aware that not all members can or want to delegate. We do offer rewards based on the upvotes to the @qurator account.

Upvoting Qurator posts up to $0.70 per week = a return of 1:1.1

Upvote $0.70 per week and get $0.77 in return.
Small accounts with upvote value below $0.02 can vote with 100% on minimum 7 posts and receive upvotes from Qurator with a minimum of $0.02 (In this case it means your upvote total for the week did not reach $0.14 but you are voting at 100%.)

The upvote rewards are directly influenced by the price of steem so there could be changes later as the price of steem fluctuates.

Upvotes are still counted on Monday 12PM (noon) UTC time so please get your upvotes in before then so we can calculate your rate for the upcoming week.

Delegate and Upvote

The option to delegate and upvote is still available and always very much appreciated.

Example: Delegate 250SP and get and upvote worth 2500SP = $0.08
Upvoteing Qurator worth $0.20 for the week = $0.20 x 1.1 = $0.22 | Daily : $0.22 / 7 = $0.031

That means you will get a daily upvote of around $0.111 from Qurator ($0.08 + $0.031)

Monthly Steem Subscriptions

In the past we had subs for Tier 1 and Tier 2.
Currently subscriptions will also have a Steem Power value, so you can choose how much you want to add to your vote.

0.80 Steem/month will give you 750 SP worth upvote.
1.60 Steem/month will give you 1500 SP worth upvote.

If you are already receiving an upvote worth $0.111 from Qurator (from an example above) and subscribe with 1.6 Steem, you will add to that vote another $0.036.

Note: Delegating + upvote + sub = final upvote weight

250SP delegated + Upvoting Qurator with $0.20/week + 1.6 Steem/month = $0.147 daily upvote.

Update to our upvote schedule

You can't receive more than one upvote a day. The clock resets daily at 0:00 UTC. This means posting once a day will ensure you get your upvote.

Please note that upvotes will come from @qurator and @qurator-tier-1-2 for now. We will move all the SP to @qurator in due time. If you know anyone that could borrow us 30 000Sp for 5 days while we move some SP around please let us know. =P

Blocked Tags

Qurator always value quality and originality when it comes to content that our members create. We know Steemit has a lot of different Apps and ways to post and you are more than welcome to try them all out. There are however some tags that we do not support.

steemhunt | zappl | dmania | dlike | parley | actifit* | musing*

*actifit and musing tags have a minimun of 250 words to be accepted


Registering for Qurator stays the same.

For approval send 4 STEEM to @qurator.

Memo must be your steemit name or the steemit name of a friend that you would like to get approved.

All new accounts must be at least 2 weeks old or have a minimum of 10 posts.

Sending in links or random messages might be considered as a donation so please follow the rules!


Reasons you might not get approved:

Low Quality Content


Incorrect Image Sourcing

Posts related to bad-mouthing other Steemit users

Keep in mind we are pretty strict when it comes to checking image sourcing and fighting plagiarism! We will report you to @steemcleaners if we see plagiarized content. For an easy guide on how to correctly source you images click here. Feel free to join us on Discord if you want to ask questions regarding your content or need some help in general. We are always willing to help. =)

New member bonus

Your registration fee is not going into our pockets, but instead it is used to pay our leases and possibly get some more leases from the @minnowbooster market. In the past our new members were rewarded with Tier 4 upvotes for 30 days. This time around they will get upvote equivalent to 3000SP. Upvotes of roughly $0.07 (at current market rates) will be heading your way for the next 30 days after you joined! Upvoting, delegating or subscribing will be added to your $0.07 bonus.

Qurator's Discord Channel

There is more perks and fun stuff on our server:

  • Feel free to ask Qurator Team questions
  • Meet other members
  • Promote your post in our Postpromotion room
  • Check your last upvote, current tier and @qustodian balance with Quro bot in Qurator-Assistant room
  • Keep an eye on on Steemit challenges in Steemit-challenges room

Join us! https://discord.gg/pJtWp57


Simply copy and paste the link into the bottom of your post, this will be great support towards the project and could help others find their way to the project and get some much needed support. =)

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Thank you @mrlightning | @rebelheart | @royalfinest for your designs.

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