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Cash App by Square, available for both Android and iOS, allows you to instantly recieve and send money for free with your email and phone contacts or other Cash App users via their Cashtag name.

My Cashtag is £MikeFromTheUK
You can also fund the app or cash out to your bank using your bank or debit card details; withdrawals typically take a few minutes before they appear in your account.

There are no fees involved with deposits or withdrawals.

U.S. customers can also use the app to buy, send and recieve Bitcoin.

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To help promote their app, Square are giving everyone who signs up with a referral code £5 or $5.

Disclosure, I'll also recieve £5 if you do.

There's only one thing you must do, in order to get the offer, you'll need to send at least £5 or $5 to a friend.

What I would suggest you do is get a close friend or relative to sign up at the same time as you and you can both send each other £5/$5 to activate the offer and then send that money back to each other.

If done properly you'll get £5/$5 from my refferal code and another £5/$5 for getting your friend to sign up, not a bad way to make some quick money!

When all is said and done you'll have £15/$15 available on Cash App to instantly withdraw back to your bank account.

Alternatively you could send £5 to me and I'd send it straight back to you. Let me know if that's what you'd like to do.

Find out more about the promotion here:

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Every Friday they randomly giveaway £5/$5 to people who post their Cashtag.


My winnings from Cash App Friday