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The nutrient giving, the life supporter and the magical substance.

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Food comes in different form and types and with it comes different functions it does in the body, though it general purpose is to give energy to us to be able to do our activities from time to time.
With food comes several diversifications and with it also comes rich cultural background or histories. Food has been in existence since the age of stone or the era of the first man and with it has come several modifications and improvements.

From eating raw meals to learning how to cook, also from foraging to learning how to grow ones food, food has come a long way in terms of improvements and importance. It also comes in different forms and shapes, from solid, semi solid, liquids to circles, oval and spheres etc.

As humans, we can’t do without food, people have tried to do that but have failed woefully. Food is everything and at the same time it is the nothing, because when we eat on time and at the right ratio, we see food as nothing but when we don’t we see it as everything we need to survive till the next day.

We all have a special dish we find fascinating and savor whenever we see it, some of us can’t make those sumptuous meal but nevertheless we enjoy them with ravishing hunger and most times ask for more. My favorite meal of all time will be Pounded Yam and Egusi Soup, a very special delicacy in my community and most common among my tribe.

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It is prepared by cooking some yams and pounding it with pestle and mortar tile it forms a well rounded, soft and smooth ball and the soup is made with blended melon with some spices.
It’s best eaten while hot and freshly pounded.

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Food: My entry post for Partiko lottery-EP 4

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