My Social Media Review Sponsored By @oracle-d @oracle-doracle-d.tasks @stateofthedapps [ ONO social Network]


Hello dtubers,

I am Matthew by name and I am from Nigeria, here is my social media review which is sponsored by @oracle-d @stateofthedapps. It was announced yesterday that here comes a review on any social media dapp which is listed among the ranking of the @stateofthedapp. I saw the notification and I worked on it till this moment and I came up with this brief summary and review on a social media network called ONO.

Little before I go into much details, I would like to say something about the ONO founder. This decentralised social media network was founded by Ke Xu. She is also the CEO as well. She was 24 years old when she founded it and also she studied at the University of California and more. ONO is a virtual commodity trusted and held by all the members of the community.

What I like about ONO decentralized social media is that it aim to create an open based ecosystems on the value of attention and prospect for freedom and equality.




Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to @dapplovers @oracle-d @oracle-d.tasks @stateofthedapps

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