My recommendation for steem-bet


Hi everyone!

This post is my entry to the @steem-bet contest.

What is the contest all about?

Youan check it out here on the link:

So actually they are planing to launch 5 games on the site and they wanna know our opinion.

My recommendation will be the following games:

  • Black Jack
    Very popular and easy game. Every casino have a black jack.
  • Texas Holdem Poker
    This is also one of the most popular gambling games.
  • Sports betting
    I saw that there is really a big need for this on block chain. Many people are asking for this so would be good for sure.
  • Roulette
    Another basic game that have to be in every casino
    ( by the way the dice can be play also similar way to roulette that option will be also nice )
  • Bingo
    There is millions of people like bingo. I think it will be also good to see this game on steem.

Dice we have already and while the other site they also give shares from they income i dont see a big need of another dice game on steem.
But that is just my opinion. 😉

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