Nutmeg+Lysergic Acid Dyethilamide (LSD)+Cannabis+Ritalin (Methylphenidate!)+Nitrous Oxide+Alcohol (A CRAZY TRIP REPORT!)


This was definitely a crazy Friday on April 2017. I was looking for materials too cook MMDA (A chemical similar to MDMA (3,4-Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine)) which was synthesized by Alexander Shulgin, I was in love with the idea of making this chemical for personal consumption purposes. I ended up buying a whipped cream container and some balloons. I wanted to inhale Nitrous Oxide (Which I did....), but then I had the great idea of placing the half off a tab of Hoffman Lysergic Acid Dyethilamide (LSD) which I had remaining from another meaningful trip on my penis. I first placed the tab under my tongue and then on the tip of my dick (Thanks Reddit!). I had the weirdest erection, but it definitely got me tripping...

I was also preparing a concoction of Nutmeg (Even though it is unpleasant!) because I wanted to mix with acid. Later on in the day I was kind of upset because I did not get invited to a party of a birthday of a classmate, so this random surprise shocked me... A friend of mine invited me to a huge party that was going on quite far away from where I live. So we ended up going, but first I took a shower, popped 0,5 milligrams of Alprazolam, 40 mg of Ritalin (Methylphenidate!), I ate dinner, discussed with my sister, then I drank most of the Nutmeg tea and finally I started waiting for my friend to pick me up. In the meantime while I was waiting for my pal I started fighting with a guy from my room, I got a little psychopathic but then i forgot about the whole situation (FUCK VIOLENCE MATE!).

When he finally got to my house, I started talking to his father and him, as it was the first time I went out in like a month or so. As soon as I got to the party the thing was just starting (It was an 18 year old birthday party!) and the acid made all the lights look magically astral. I smoked my first cigarette in a week as I could not resist temptation and I felt guilty (This was the last cigarette I ever smoked, I am more than five months clean). Then I drank one of two plastic glasses of strong Alcohol. Then at another spot of the backyard I smoked a couple of bowls of Cannabis, this was homegrown from a couple of people that I just met that wanted to share weed with me. Then the party was filled with people, no lights, dancing, a fire pit and I started rapping with random people about the craziest shit ever... At 2 AM they left me at my house feeling sad and at the same time happy about a relationship that ended, anyways relationships suck and I had a ton of fun! No more love or Tobacco, as they are both detrimental to my physical and psychological healthy. The funniest part is that the next morning after weird dreams I hallucinated my angry father hitting me. After waking up again (I fell asleep!), I remembered both of my parents were travelling outside of the country. This was definitely a great and crazy trip!


I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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